Predator        Infrastructure Preservation


Predator offers comprehensive corrosion mitigation techniques for industries in need of corrosion control services including: oil & gas industries, pipeline owners, above & below grade tank owners, water & waste water utilities, home owners and all other industries with infrastructure that can benefit from corrosion control. 

Predator offers the following corrosion control services in addition to consulting services:

  • Cathodic protection construction/installation, testing and design.
  • All types of cathodic protection surveys including annual surveys, rectifier monitoring surveys and cathodic protection system troubleshooting.
  • Close Interval Surveys (CIS), Direct Current Voltage Gradient surveys (DCVG), potential surveys & over-the-line surveys.
  • Structural and pipe resistance testing.
  • Stray current testing and mitigation services.
  • Line locating and pipeline current mapping.
  • Corrosion Inhibitor application.


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