Predator        Infrastructure Preservation

Predator was established to provide corrosion control services to private, government and public organizations; specializing in cathodic protection installation and testing. Predators mission is to preserve asset wealth through the preservation of infrastructure Integrity. Utilizing the implementation of cathodic protection, coatings and corrosion inhibitors, corrosion control is achieved to preserve infrastructure integrity. 

Like our namesake preludes, Predator aggressively seeks to prevent the over $2.2 trillion in damage caused by corrosion to the worlds infrastructure each year. When structural integrity is maintained, company assets, public interest and the environment benefit from the prevention of premature and sometimes catastrophic failures, Trillions of dollars in infrastructure maintenance and reconstruction cost.


Predator specializes in cathodic protection installation, we use only industry best practices and materials.
Predator is a listed in the SAM, CCR and is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).

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Predator L.L.C.
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Gilmer, TX 75645
Phone (619) 342-6717
FAX (858) 800-7559
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